Who We Are

Intersection Bioscientific Software Inc. is an Ontario based technology company that specializes in designing and deploying bioscientific software to consumers.

Sitting at the cross-roads of technology and the biosciences, intersection aims to deliver breakthrough technology to consumers, empowering them to take charge of their health. Therefore, Reducing the burden on our existing healthcare infrastructure and improving the health of a wide array of people. This springs from our firm belief that the more control we have over something, the better we are at doing it.

Mission Statement

At Intersection, we are driven by our fascination with the tremendous contributions made to the Biosciences by the previous generations of medical researchers, practitioners, and innovators.
Humbled by what’s already been done, we strive to make our own contributions; to innovate where previous innovators have left off.

By picking up the baton, we believe that we can contribute to elevating the quality of research and care by multiple orders of magnitude. By embracing and adding to the great tools and notions left for us by the previous generation, the future can be achieved. Through continuing the march of progress, we can pay tribute to the previous generation by keeping their spirit of innovation alive.